Nothing brings out the aesthetic beauty of your bathroom as a good paint shade does. The biggest blunder people make is that they place very little emphasis on bathroom renovation than it deserves. This may result in it looking odd in comparison to the rest of your home. Also, freshly coated paint in the bathroom sits beautifully on the eyes too. It instantly brightens up your mood when you are getting ready in the morning. To help you get started with making the best choice, we have come up with the best bathroom paint colors 2023. Without further ado, let us dive right in;

Popular Paint Colors for Bathrooms:


Clean White:

Let us start with the obvious choice- the clean white. It is the safest option for those who are not too much into color play. The clean white paint shade also helps if you have a small bathroom and you want to use color illusion to make it look big. You can use golden-rimmed mirrors with it to give it a vintage look. Similarly, using vibrant colors in bathroom accessories can be a good way to zhuzh it up.

Rich Red:

The rich red paint color is capable of making your bathroom look effortlessly beautiful. You can also contrast it with lighter colors or the deep red color, its own variant. This can make your restroom look more 21st century with the right choice in décor. Since the color is already too bold, you are not supposed to use gigantic decoration pieces. The best way is to go with the designer ones to get that polished look. Choosing white accessories with this color can immediately make a big difference without having you compromise on your budget.  

Cerulean Blue:

What color describes nature better than Cerulean Blue? If you do not want to go over the board with the bathroom paints, this one is a perfect match. This color brings forth a combination of a tinge of modernity and nature's calm. Usually, to make the colors pop, people pair it up with loud color accessories. If you like maintaining color uniformity in your bathroom, you can choose the same color accessories and it will look just as good. The best thing about this color is that it gives you a huge margin to experiment and see what works best for you!

The First-Rate Choices for Small Bathroom Paint Colors 2023:

If you have a small bathroom, let us give you some exclusive choices to make it all more convenient for you. You can rely on;

Emerald Green:

Emerald green is the perfect choice when it comes to the best bathroom paint colors 2023. It is because it gives a timeless look to your restroom. This color is never going to be out of vogue. This is why if you want to make a long-term investment, this is the paint shade you should be investing in especially this year!

Cigar Brown:

What makes a bathroom look more modern than a classic cigar brown bathroom paint? You can never go wrong with the brown color spectrum when it comes to bathrooms. The distinctive feature of this color is that it lets the other color you pair it with pop up. For instance, contrasting it with white can make your bathroom look modern instantly. If you pair it up with neon green, you can give your bathroom a jazzier look. Hence if you want to play with fluorescent shades, brown is the best paint to use in the background.

Peachy Pink:

We agree that not everybody likes going out of their comfort zone when it comes to popular paint colors for bathrooms. This is why we have peachy pink here on the list. We know you might think that this color looks rather girlish, which is not a wrong claim. However, the magic begins when you start mixing this shade with other lighter shades. For instance, take off-white and mix it with peachy pink. The resulting color would be the best one to be used in bathrooms for both genders. You can go ahead with using broad white-rimmed mirrors to make it all look more put together.

Best Master Bathroom Paint Colors in Vogue:

Coming up with the right paint shades for master bathrooms can be just as challenging. You may consider using;


We were so waiting to discuss this color amidst the 2023 bathroom paint colors! Charcoal is an ideal color to go for if you want your bathroom to look clean all the time. The undertone hue makes the charcoal hide all the small imperfections, and you can have a cleaner and finer looking bathroom after just one coat of paint. Charcoal is usually the most used color whenever 21st-century designers try to come up with something new. Hence, if you want to choose a safe and distinctive paint shade for your restroom, this can be the one.


If you want a bathroom paint that echoes of breezy summer season, Mint is it. We will never understand why people do not go for mint bathroom paints anymore. It is a classic choice that can work with almost all the color variants. You can spice it up more by going for bathroom essentials such as robes and towels in a dark mint shade. This is going to highlight the very hue and the lighter vibrancy is going to make your bathroom look bigger and wider.

Deep Navy:

When confused- choose gold and navy. This old rule still applies when you are looking for master bath paint ideas. This is because deep navy is such a versatile color that it can complement every mood. You can pair it up with golden accents as in yellowish-golden faucet and it will perk up your bathroom without a second's delay. You can use white with it to make your restroom look more polished than ever before.


The 2023 bathroom paint colors are capable of reinvigorating your bathrooms within the shortest time. All that matters here is the shade of the paint you are willing to go forth with. It can be clean white if you want to play it safe and for the ones eager to embark on a venture, rich red is exclusively for you!