The Top 5 Elements Every Effective Landing Page Must Have


Landing pages are single pages that are used to convert visitors into potential customers. Landing pages are known as the best tactics for lead generation by marketers today. This is absolutely true because a well-designed and attractive landing page attracts the targeted audience to complete an action and become a potential customer. Research has shown that the average conversion rate for a website is between 2-5% whereas using a landing page increases the conversion rate to 5-15%.

The question that arises here is what are the essential components of a landing page? Discussed below are the 5 most essential elements that every effective landing page must have:

Add a catchy headline to attract the reader:

The landing page must contain a catchy headline, it is said that the first impression is the last impression, it truly fits here as the headline must attract the reader. This is really necessary for building interest in your audience so that they are compelled to scroll down and ultimately perform the action you want them to. When creating a headline, think about what makes your services or product unique from the competitors and include that uniqueness in the headline. The headline must be a short and attractive sentence or a phrase. A headline must be short and crispy and can be further elaborated with the sub-headline.


Add compelling services or products description:

One of the most important things that must be added to your landing page is compelling information about services. It can be according to the formula of problem, agitation, and solution. You describe a problem due to which the reader feels agitated and then at last you provide him with the solution that is your service or product. The description must be short and concise. It ensures the interest of the reader is not lost. You can also add beneficiary points to this so that reader can be compelled to buy it. These can be promotional discounts, offers for new customers that you are offering, or other benefits people can get with your business. 

Maximize the impact of landing pages by adding visuals:

It is in human genes that they are more attracted to pictures and videos than to texts. The text does not draw the attention of people like visuals do. It is scientifically proven that humans process visual information 60000 times faster than text. Therefore adding them to the content of the landing pages is extremely helpful. But one thing to take care of is that you must not use stock images as these are the ones that are already used by a number of websites and the user’s interest is lost. Instead, you must create quality visuals that too by a professional photographer if possible because it increases the appeal of your website. Adding videos is more beneficial and recommended by the experts too. Did you know that 96% of consumers find video helpful when deciding what to buy? It also helps to keep people engaged on your landing page. Pages with video have an average visit length of 6 minutes, whereas pages with only text and images have an average visit length of just 43 seconds. Videos also are helpful in trust building between you and your customers. Even a very short video explaining your services could be enough for increasing the conversion rate on your landing page. 

Effective CTA to boost your conversions:

The most prominent purpose of your landing page is to maximize the hitting of your call to action button and turn your visitors into customers. The call to action is a proven strategy of conversion optimization for lead pages. Making sure CTA is a prominent aspect of your landing page design is what must be fulfilled. This includes both the visual of the CTA button and the copy itself. With CTA comes a lead capture form, it must require very brief information mainly email and username that the user can easily fill in. Make sure the form does not require a bundle of information that bores the user to quit your landing page. Ensure that your CTA button offers something exciting to the user. It can be like starting my free trial, booking my demo, etc. Design your CTA with keeping in view your products or services.

Add trust indicators for trust building:

People often visit a site and decide to buy something but in the end, did not. The simple reason is that they are extremely cautious about giving their information to a random website. Also apart from privacy concerns, fear of bad quality products or poor services is what halts them from ordering. For trust building and increasing conversion rates, there are several methods one of which is adding customer testimonials to your landing page. Research has shown that 70% of people likely hire a service or buy something if it is recommended online. These customer testimonials could be used on your business’s social media accounts as well. One more effective method is providing your contact information including a phone number, address, and customer care service number. Along with it, you must also include a short form to deal with customer complaints. These little things would help you in trust building with your customers and in achieving high conversion rates.

Wrap up:   

Landing pages are no doubt of great importance in the success of any business. Using above mentioned useful techniques can make the landing page of a business website an attractive one. From adding a catchy headline to adding product specifications to brief customers about products or services, adding visuals to attract viewers, a nicely designed CTA, and at last, adding trust indicators would definitely help in achieving higher conversion rates and increased customer trust in your business. 

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